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I have been named as one of the three (3) inaugural global Ambassadors of World Bicycle Relief. (One of the others is a world champion cyclist who hopes to compete in the 2016 Olympics. The other is a young man who will be starting college in the fall and who races mountain, road and cyclocross.) Candidly, it is a bit intimidating for a middle-aged guy with two young sons, a wife and a hectic job to be included in such company, but I am as excited about this latest endeavor as I have been about anything in a long time.

World Bicycle Relief is a not-for-profit organization providing independence and jobs through The Power of Bicycles. WBR provides  bikes to African students (70 percent of the recipients are female), educators, healthcare workers and entrepreneurs. For the cost of a $134 specially-designed and locally-assembled bike, we can: (i) provide transportation to a young girl who would otherwise only be able to make the trek to school one or two days per week; (ii) drastically increase the retention rate and efficacy of healthcare workers; and (iii) enable entrepreneurs to get their product (such as goat milk) to new markets (such as a village a few miles away). If you visit World Bicycle Relief's website, I am sure you will be hooked just as I was the first time I heard "WBR" founder F.K. Day talking about "goat arbitrage" and the wonders of using the principals of capitalism to help those who are less fortunate. The simplicity of the program is part of its genius and beauty. For a couple of hundred bucks, we can make an immediate, meaningful and life-altering change in the lives of real people. For a few thousand dollars, . . .

My goal is to raise $15,900 for WBR. I hope you will help. In addition to making a generous, tax-deductible cash contribution (WBR is a 501c(3) organization), you may assist by helping me meet with civic groups, school classes/clubs, Scouts, church groups, Foundations, etc. I will be tireless (there is a bike pun in there somewhere) in my outreach efforts on behalf of WBR over the next year. Hopefully, we can make this a bit of a "team" effort.

There is no better "team" than ours. There is not another not-for-profit that can do so much good and make such an immediate "real world" positive impact for such a small investment. Together, we can literally change the world!

Please give me a call at 813.222.5924 and/or shoot me an email to let me know if you can assist financially and/or in arranging meetings.

To contribute now, please click on the RED "Contribute Now" button on the top right of this page.

Thank you!

World Bicycle Relief is a nonprofit organization transforming individuals and communities through the Power of Bicycles. Since 2005, thanks to support from individuals like you, World Bicycle Relief has provided over 125,000 specially designed, locally assembled, rugged bicycles to students, healthcare workers and entrepreneurs and trained over 800 field mechanics. Learn more >

World Bicycle Relief is a registered 501(c)3. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

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