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Top 10 Participants (amount raised)
1. Jade Wilcoxson $3,823.00
2. Thomas Zirbel $3,560.00
3. Scott Zwizanski $2,318.00
4. Chad Haga $1,455.00
5. Lex Albrecht $450.00
6. Anna Barensfeld $300.00
7. Leah Kirchmann $268.00
8. Mike Friedman $234.00
9. Ian Moir $155.00
10. Andy Bajadali $134.00

Optum Pro Cycling Presented by Kelly Benefit Strategies 2012 “500 Bikes” Team Challenge

Goal: $67,000

The members of Optum Pro Cycling presented by Kelly Benefit Strategies are honored to support World Bicycle Relief and its undertaking to bring educational opportunity and economic stability to third world countries. We value the chance to pass along the generosity and support that we have been blessed with throughout our careers. Through World Bicycle Relief, we hope to use our public platform to inspire the lives of people less fortunate than us through the power of the great vehicle we all love - a bicycle.