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Wanted: Artists to Design Life Changing T-Shirts with Threadless

World Bicycle Relief is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Threadless--a community-based design company that prints clothing, accessories and more based on ideas submitted from anyone and everyone! Threadless is based in Chicago and has been up and running since 2000. And as of today, Threadless has announced its newest contest--a bike-themed design for a messenger bag and t-shirt to support WBR.

Threadless knows that bikes can be "an essential accessory to achieving ultimate hipness" for some, but for others, bikes are a life-changing mode of transportation that leads to education, health, and economic stability. So, Threadless is contributing 25% of the proceeds of the winning bike design to further the Power of Bicycles through World Bicycle Relief. 

So, here's how it works!

Get your idea ready to submit: Read our submission guidelines to learn about printing techniques, creating high resolution artwork, preparing presentation files, and following the rules! You'll also find color specifications and downloadable assets like templates and blank photos for mockups.

Submit to the challenge: Once you've prepared your design files, it's time to submit it for scoring! Follow the instructions and fill out the form (the whole thing).

The community scores your design: For 7 days, the Threadless community scores your design 1 to 5 and leaves comments. These scores and comments help us pick which designs to print. You're encouraged to promote your design to friends, family, and the rest of the Internet!

If your design is printed, you'll get:

  • $1000 cash
  • $250 in Threadless gift code
  • A custom-built Surly/SRAM bike just for you by Iron Cycles. Components include SRAM chain, drivetrain, and bike tape. ($3,000 approx. value)
  • One-of-a-kind, handcrafted, 'Bicycle Charles' sculpture by Zambian artist, Charles Mwanjeleka
  • SRAM hat
  • World Bicycle Relief edition CatEye wireless bike computer
  • Pedro‚Äôs tire lever set

Check out Submission Guidelines and Enter Your Design>

Submissions are open NOW for 21 days, and then let the voting begin! Good luck to all our supporters with your designs--we look forward to rocking some new tees and bags thanks to Threadless.