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Teens Combine Brain Power & Pedal Power for WBR

Teenagers Jake, Jeremy and Ben are making a difference through the Power of Bikes as they prepare for a Bike-a-thon on October 6, riding 25 miles in Westchester, New York and promoting the event through their self-created website, Bike 4 Relief. Using their website as a promotional and a fundraising tool, the three teenagers are collecting donations per mile or any other amount. They're also headed to a local festival to promote Bike 4 Relief in person!

Having chosen WBR as the recipient of their bike-a-thon fundraising, Jake, Jeremy, & Ben are excited about making a difference in the lives of others their same age who may need a set of wheels to access school, markets, and other daily tasks. The guys hope to raise funds for ten bikes--about $1,340.

Mimi Galli, parent, expressed, "As the parent of one of these boys I am not only proud, but so impressed by the ingenuity, dedication and passion these boys have in the undertaking of this project. It is really wonderful to listen to them speak so passionately of the impact their contribution will make on those less fortunate then themselves and great to watch them become citizens of the world. They are truly inspirational."

A big thanks goes out to the Bike 4 Relief Team for their support--good luck with the ride!

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